Drag and Drop Widget


The Drag and Drop widget can be inserted nearly anywhere on the ActivityMaker Mobile Text Page.

The Drag and Drop Widget allows you to create both categories and items to be categorized.  LodeStar converts each item into a drag-able tile and converts each unique category into a drop target area.  If two items share the same category, only one target area will be created.  All items are initially placed in the un-categorized area.   Students  drag items to their matching categories. They can drag items with their mouse or finger or they can use the keyboard.

Getting Started


Start with a Text Page. Place your cursor somewhere on the Text page and then select the black sprocket   2018-04-25_2105  from the HTML Editor Tool Bar.



Select a widget type. For the purposes of this article, I’ll choose the Drag and Drop Widget.


Screenshot of the LodeStar Widget Menu


Type in an item.  Type in the category to which the item belongs.  For example the item ‘Mollusk’ may match the category ‘Animal’.  (Categories are case-sensitive.  Entries in the category field of ‘animal’ and ‘Animal’ will create two category target areas for the student.)

Type in feedback that provides information to the student about why the item belongs in the category.  All of this information will also be view-able from the transcript.


Drag and Drop Widget Dialog


Click on the ‘+’ button to add more items and categories. Check the ‘Randomize’ checkbox to randomize the display order of the items.


 Add more items.  Be mindful, however, that too long of a list makes the activity clumsy for students with small screen dimensions.


Once you have added as items and categories as you need, click on the ‘Ok’ button.

After you click on ‘Ok’, you will see a placeholder for the widget activity. The placeholder will always be some content surrounded by a round-cornered border.


Author view of the Drag and Drop Widget


This is not what the student will see. You must click on the ‘Preview’ button at the top left to see the widget converted into drag and drop areas.


Student view of the Drag and Drop Activity

You can add as many widgets to a page as you wish.


The Drag and Drop widget enables you to support student concept learning.  Early activities can be simpler to solve with black and white distinctions between items.  Later items can be more challenging with murky gray areas that make it difficult to categorize items.



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