Short Answer Widget


The Short Answer widget can be inserted nearly anywhere on the ActivityMaker Mobile Text Page.

The main advantage of the Short Answer Widget is that it allows you to anticipate incorrect answers and provide feedback.  For example, ‘Toronto’ is a common wrong answer to the question of ‘What is the capital city of Canada?”.

For the anticipated wrong answer, you provide specific feedback.  For the above example, corrective feedback might be “Incorrect.  Toronto is the capital city of Ontario.  It hosts provincial parliament buildings in Queens Park.”

Getting Started


Start with a Text Page. Place your cursor somewhere on the Text page and then select the black sprocket  2018-04-25_2105   from the HTML Editor Tool Bar.


Select a widget type. For the purposes of this article, I’ll choose the Short Answer Widget.


Widget Dialog Box.


In the top right field, type in how many points your question is worth. For example, 5.
In the HTML editor, type in the question or question stem.


A screenshot of LodeStar’s Short Answer Widget Dialog Box


Fill in the answer field with the correct answer. Select ‘yes’ to mark this answer as correct. Select ‘no’ if it is not. Fill in feedback that matches this distractor/option.


Click on the “+” button to add more answers.  Click on the “-“ button to delete answers.  Add either correct answers or anticipated wrong answers.  For example, if the answer is one but students commonly answer zero, then add zero as an incorrect option.  Provide corrective feedback.


Once you have added as many answers with feedback as you wish, click on the ‘Ok’ button.

After you click on ‘Ok’, you will see a placeholder for the widget activity. The placeholder will always be some content surrounded by a round-cornered border.


Placeholder for a short answer question from the instructor’s point of view.


This is not what the student will see. You must click on the Preview button at the top left to see the widget converted into an activity.


Preview of Short Answer.

You can add as many widgets to a page as you wish.


The Short Answer Widget gives you  flexibility of design. You can combine this widget with other widgets and with surrounding text and images. You can add as many answer options as you wish..



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