Multiple Choice Widget


LodeStar’s template named ‘ActivityMaker Mobile’ provides you with page types to author different types of activities. The Text Page and the Video Page are two examples.
For the Text Page, LodeStar also provides activity widgets that can be inserted anywhere on the page. At the time of this writing, widgets include:

⦁ Multiple Choice
⦁ Short Answer
⦁ Audio Sync (tricky and experimental — don’t use)
⦁ Drag and Drop
⦁ Image Slider
⦁ Timeline
⦁ Word Problem

The advantage of a widget over a page type is that widgets support endless answer options. The multiple choice widget, for example, can support 5, 10, 20 or more distractors (options). The second key advantage is that widgets can be combined with normal text and imagery. In other words, widgets are inline.

Getting Started

Step One

Start with a Text Page. Place your cursor somewhere on the text page and then select the black sprocket  2018-04-25_2105   from the HTML Editor Tool Bar.


HTML Editor featuring the Widget Tool.

Step Two

Select a widget type. For the purposes of this article, I’ll choose the Multiple Choice Question Widget.


Widget Dialog

Step Three

In the top right field, type in how many points your question is worth. For example, 10.
In the HTML editor, type in the question or question stem.

Step Four

Fill in the distractor field. This is the first question option. Select ‘yes’ if this option is correct. Select ‘no’ if it is not.
Fill in feedback that matches this distractor/option.

Step Five

Check off the ‘Randomize’ check box if you wish the order of distractors to be randomized.

Step Six

Once you have added as many distractors as you wish, click on the ‘Ok’ button.

After you click on ‘Ok’, you will see a placeholder for the widget activity. The placeholder will always be some content surrounded by a round-cornered border.


Screenshot of what the author sees once a widget is inserted.

This is not what the student will see. You must click on the Preview button at the top left to see the widget converted into an activity.


Screen shot of what the student sees when a widget is converted into an activity.

You can add as many widgets to a page as you wish.


The Multiple Choice Question Widget gives you  flexibility of design. You can combine this widget with other widgets and with surrounding text and images. You can add as many distractors to the question as is practicable.