How do you create questions with more than four choices?

The ActivityMaker template in LodeStar 7 features many page layout types. The question relates to the Simple Question page layout, which supports two, three and four choices (also known as distractors).

There is another option.

The most common page layout type is the ‘Text’ layout.  This page type offers the ability for instructors to intersperse textual descriptions with interactive multiple choice, multiple select and true/false questions.

The advantage of creating questions on the ‘Text’ page is that the question stem (i.e. the question) can be of any length accompanied by any number of distractors (i.e. choices) of any length.  The question stem can include an image or math formula and distractors can be images or include images.

Use the following mark-up format:

Mark up question stems with <s>
Mark up distractors with <d>

Mark up the right answers with an asterisk *

Assign a number of points to the page.  Please note that wrong answers get subtracted from right answers.

For example, a page has eight distractors with 5 right answers among them. The page totals 10 points.  LodeStar automatically distributes the points across all questions and all right answers. If a student checked off one answer incorrectly, the student would receive 6.  (Each right answer would be worth 2 points.  4 right answers would equal 8 points.  1 wrong answer would subtract 2 points, for a total of 6 points.)

Here is an example of the mark-up.  Note the asterisk to mark right answers.  This mark-up will get displayed as choices with checkboxes.

<s>Choose all of the names below that belong to Canadian Prime Ministers

<d>* John A. MacDonald

<d>George Washington

<d>*MacKenzie King

<d>Theodore Roosevelt

<d>Woodrow Wilson

<d>*Lester B. Pearson

<d>*Pierre Trudeau