Associating LodeStar Project to D2L Gradebook

As of Desire2Learn 10.1, this process became very simple.  When you first import an ActivityMaker (LodeStar 7) object, you either create a grade book  item (within the topic) or associate an existing one.

Do this by clicking on the topic title and then scrolling to the bottom of the page.

  1.  Look for the following information




Edit assessment details

Add a grade item…


2. Click  on ‘Add a grade item’.  You can choose between associating to an existing grade or creating a new grade item (green plus icon).



If you don’t create a grade book item, the first time a student goes through the lesson, a grade book item gets created.  This is not desirable, and D2L knows this.  Gain control by either associating a grade book item (or creating one) right away, or associating none to the item.

Secondly, you should know how and when LodeStar ActivityMaker reports to D2L. Before exporting a D2L project, within the object, you must add a report page.  So, if you haven’t already done this, reopen your LodeStar project, add a report page at the end (or wherever).  When the program flow hits the report page, the score is sent to the grade book.  If you have 100 points on your quiz, but the grade book item is 10 points, D2L will correctly scale down the score.  If you make a change to a LodeStar project, be sure to export and reimport.

Lastly, in your LodeStar module, write directions to students to view the report page and then, if they have completed the activity, use the D2L interface to navigate to the next topic.  (If students simply quit the browser after viewing the report page, D2L will save the score as a record, but not commit it to the grade book.) Students can avoid this by clicking on the D2L ‘Next’ arrow to navigate to the next topic.


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