Saving a Project

You may save an opened project at any time. There are four ways to save:

  • Option One: Select File > Save from the menu bar.
  • Option Two: Hold down the Control key (CTRL) and press ‘S’.
  • Option Three: Click on the button on the bottom right hand corner that resembles a diskette.
  • Option Four: Simply Preview your project.  The project will be automatically saved.

By default, LodeStar creates a directory titled ‘LodeStar’ in your user directory.  Under the LodeStar directory, you will find a Projects and an Exports directory (once you export a project). You can change this default setting by selecting Tools > Options. If there is more than one tab, select the ‘User Directory’ tab.  Type or paste in the path where you would like to create the LodeStar directory with its sub-directories.

When you save, LodeStar will merge your unique content with data elements that the template needs but you don‟t need to worry about the details because LodeStar takes care of this step automatically. If you were to copy the project directory to a web server and link to index.htm, your project will run on the web.  In other words, everything that is required to run your project on the web is self-contained in your project directory.

When you reopen your project at a later time, by selecting File and then choosing your recent project from the list, LodeStar finds your content automatically and loads it in. If you wish to get a fresh start, create another project from a template.


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