Themes relate to the ‘look’ of your project.  A theme controls html background color, outer background color and inner background color.

The precise meaning of outer and inner color may vary from template to template.  The meaning of html background color is consistent.  This color choice controls the body color of the html page that hosts your project.

If you preview an ActivityMaker project, you will see that the header and footer have a specific color and, optionally, a texture.  If you change the theme by selecting Tools > Themes, you will notice a change when you preview.

Important Note:  If you change a project’s theme and preview, you may not, in fact, see a change.  To see a change, after the project is fully loaded, right click in the preview window and select ‘Reload’.

In the screenshot below you will see a header and footer with a black gradient fill.  The outer background color has no effect.  The html background color is the light gray shown in the screenshot.  The inner background color is the white behind the text.  The inner background color will only display if Show Inner Color is checked.

The best practice is to make a change, preview and then force the page to reload.  If don’t like the change, try again.

LodeStar eLearning Authoring Tool Screenshot

LodeStar eLearning Authoring Tool Screenshot


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