Exporting to Desire2Learn 9.0 or greater

Desire2Learn has improved its SCORM upload procedure in version 9.x. LodeStar users who have grown accustomed to the upload routine in earlier versions of Desire2Learn will now have to adjust to a new procedure for D2L 9.x. Here are the basic steps for importing a LodeStar resource into Desire2Learn.

Prepare your export to match D2L 9.x according to the following instructions:

Inside of LodeStar, do the following:

1. Open and complete your project

2. Click on the  Export button.

3.  Keep the default ‘SCORM 1.3 (Recommended)’ selected.

4. Pay attention to where LodeStar will save your export.  Typically this will be in [user folder]/LodeStar/Export

5. Click on ‘Create Export’ button.

Inside of D2L, do the following:

1.Go to your course.

2. Select ‘Edit Course’ (on the right hand side of the screen)

3. Select ‘Import/Export/Copy Components’ (on the left hand side of the screen)

4. Select the ‘Import Components’ radio button.  Select the ‘From a File’ radio button.

5. In the ‘What would you like to do?’ screen, click on the ‘Browse’ button and browse to the lodestar zip file in the exports folder.

6. Click Next. (Be patient. The upload process has started. You will see a progress bar at the bottom.)

7. D2L will now display the Preprocessing Progress at it completes reading the zip file (technically, the IMS content package). When you see green check marks, click on the ‘Next’ button.

8. You may leave ‘Do not overwrite the existing file’ selected if you wish. If you are re-uploading, you may want to select, ‘Overwrite the existing file.’ In either case, check ‘Import Metadata’.  Check, ‘Select All Components’. Click on the ‘Next’ button.
9. You will now see the ‘Confirm Import Selections’ screen. You should have ‘Import Metadata’ as selected. You should also have selected ‘Import all Items’.

10. D2L will now complete the import of this course material. When you see all green check marks, you can simply return to your content. Do this by clicking on the word ‘Content’ next to ‘Course Home’ rather than clicking on D2L’s link. Doing the latter causes confusion.

11. You should now see your imported LodeStar resource at the end of your course.

12. You can use the content manager to move the topic to another module.


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