LodeStar™   Software that helps an instructor create an interactive educational activity. An example:  LodeStar provides the appropriate prompts and forms that enable an instructor to supply the information for a practice quiz.


Star Interaction® Template or


  A Star Interaction Template® or Star, for short, helps instructors produce a game, timeline, slide show, quiz, a deck of flash cards, crossword puzzle, web quest and much more.


The short form of Star Interaction Template is Star.


A template is a file that an instructor finds under File > New or downloads from the LodeStar website.  An instructor will choose the Star Interaction Template that she or he wishes to make into a project.  Generally instructors build and save projects from templates.



Project   Once an instructor chooses a Star Interaction template (Star) such as a quiz, a wizard prompts the instructor for a project name.


A project built from the template is then placed in the LodeStar projects folder.


Changes made to the project do not reflect back to the template.  For example, an instructor might use the same Star Interaction template to create a history quiz project or a math quiz project.






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